Peptide Eye Cream


Reduce under-eye bags, dark circles, & puffiness

It’s time to say goodbye to those bags under your eyes. Both men and women suffer from under-eye bags, dark circles, and puffy eyes. This unscented anti-wrinkle peptide eye cream uses natural extracts to rejuvenate dry and damaged skin, making the wrinkled skin beneath your eyes appear smoother and hydrated so you can tackle the day looking and feeling confident. We use natural extracts to promote healthy skin, including:

  • Arnica & Burdock Root Extracts
  • St. John Wort Extract
  • Lemon Fruit & Sage Extracts
  • Calendula & Hops Extracts
  • Soapwort Extract

APPLICATION – After cleansing the area, apply the peptide eye cream by massaging a small amount beneath your eyes. Apply the cream twice daily to yield the best results. Regular application improves the effects over time.

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